Landscape Architects & Landscape Design

Since its inception in 2004, landscape architects Living Matter has quickly become one of the forerunners of contemporary landscape design and styling in the Cape Town and Western Cape area of South Africa.

As styles in interior decorating change and evolve, Living Matter pushes the boundaries and bends rules to incorporate the styles, lines, materials and the ethos of the new contemporary age in advanced cutting-edge exterior designs. Their creative landscape designs are uniquely striking and resonate deeply with their clients.

Cheral Kennedy, the enthusiastic creator of the trend-setting Living Matter finds that continually transforming exterior spaces into their true potential is uniquely soul satisfying. She endeavours to ensure that Living Matter's landscape transformations have an intensity of life that is brought about by integrating strong architecture with softer plant finishes into an all encompassing aesthetic extension of living space.

As a result of Living Matter setting the pace for innovative and creative designs, not only are corporate and residential clients seeking the creativity of exterior design from Living Matter, but architects and landscapers are also turning to Living Matter to design creative landscapes for them too.