The Brand

When originally meeting with The Pixel Zoo, a graphic design company in Johannesburg, Cheral knew it was important to correctly portray what both she and the new company stood for, in order to empower The Pixel Zoo to successfully create and design the new company's brand.

The Pixel Zoo had this to say about the brief for the brand:

"Cheral is a very creative, but natural person, who is spiritually bound to the earth and its energy. She wanted this aspect of her life to be tied into the brand of the new company, and reflect the outlook on life that she is so passionate about.

She wanted the brand in its entirety to reflect creativity, simplicity, professionalism, success, intellectuality, uniqueness, confidence, growth and energy.

The name:

We came up with a list of company names during our brainstorming discussions with Cheral. After analysing all the potential names, we all decided upon Living Matter as being the one most suited for the new company.

This name is derived from the fact that all growing plant, animal, insect and human forms are living matter... i.e.

- Living: alive, full of vitality and energy, to have the ability to grow, breathe, reproduce.
- Matter: physical substance or material that which occupies space and has mass.

The logo:

Once a name had been decided upon, it was up to our designer, Laura, to incorporate the characteristics of the brand values by way of design styles, fonts, colours and shapes, into a logo that complimented the name, reflected the values of Cheral and her company, and simultaneously portrayed the correct message to the target market.

Living Matter logo

The website:

Since Cheral had been so intimately involved in the internet and technology for the past 7 years, we agreed that the website was imperative in effectively representing all the aspects of the brand, as well as aspects of Cheral's personality. People buy into people, and the website is the easiest way in which to build a rapport between the client and Cheral.

Living Matter old website

We felt that with this new brand, Cheral could move into the Cape Town residential market with pride and confidence, knowing that success with Living Matter would be achieved.

Pixel Zoo is pleased to note that over the past 5 years, clients, suppliers and partners regularly comment positively on the logo, business cards and the website. And to continue providing Cheral and Living Matter with a positive brand, we have recently undergone an upgrade in the old website to incorporate new information, easier use and more interactivity."

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