Thinking back, Cheral found that throughout her life, in times of stress, in times of sadness and in times of loneliness, she had always turned to nature. Finding then that being outdoors, in amongst the trees and the plants and having the birds fly and insects chirp around her, reinjected energy and jest for life immediately back into her.

She reflected that the best times of her life were also spent outdoors:- playing in the garden with her sisters, digging up the veggie patch with the gardener, planting seeds with her mother, taking Sunday walks in the veld with her father, swimming in the sea when on holiday with the greater family, scuba diving in Mozambique or rock climbing in the mountains with friends, photographing or painting landscapes and camping by herself for a week or weekend in the middle of nowhere.

Still to this day, whenever she can, Cheral thoroughly enjoys being out in nature. Camping in forests and rock climbing in the quietest places of the Cederberg are top items on her list of ways in which to enjoy a weekend or holiday.