Cheral came to fully believe that we are all born into existence with a single opportunistic life path. The characteristics of our parents, the genetics of ourselves, the environment in which we are raised, siblings, relatives, friends, partners, education, work and belief systems all have a role to play in who we are and how we choose to follow through our life's journey.

She believes that we all have a true potential to fulfil, and by understanding the above influences and our past, we can ease ourselves into truly fulfilling our highest potential.

During this process Cheral identified, interestingly enough, that there was a unique split between creative and structured genes in both sides of her family tree. Nature and art seemed to be prevalent in that lineage too. She found that she was given the genetics of both grandparents and parents, making the switch between logical and structured to creative and free-thinking easy. Artistry, love of nature and humanitarianism are also deeply embedded in her consciousness and her expressions.