The landscaping industry (although seen to many as 'green' already) is slow on the uptake of adapting eco-friendly ways. Urban gardens and commercial landscapes are unfortunately still monopolized with the use of wood from unsustainable forests, chemical fertilizers, electrical lighting and other non-recyclable, non-compostable materials.

Cheral Kennedy of Living Matter - Landscape Styling and Design believes that fellow landscapers and landscape designers should take a stand in transforming their own, and their client's gardens with the use of environmentally friendly products.

Natural water filters, like slow sand filtration and rhizofiltration are two greener alternatives for water features that can, cost-effectively, be implemented by the landscaping industry in a proactive manner to reduce the need and use of electricity.

Additionally, surface evaporation and unnecessary water level top ups can be successfully reduced by including floating plants in the water feature pond and by minimizing the distance the water travels between spout and pond.

-- Written by Cheral for The Property Magazine - October 2009 --

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