Avatar - The Movie: absolutely brilliant digital art !

    An inspiring story with an underlying new-age message of syncronicity, connectedness and communing in harmony with the environment, reaches in and touches each and every person that is willing to share this amazingly advanced digital creation.

This movie (on many levels) is steps ahead of any previously released: it sends the right message at the right time about the importance of communing in harmony with nature, it shows a strong angle on the greed of some humans and their unwillingness and incapacity to understand anything outside their own personal paradigms, and to top it off it is presented brilliantly, in a visual setting that makes it hard to define where reality ends and fiction begins.

The use of revolutionary digital technology for the creation of this movie makes it very difficult to delineate real imagery and that which is computer generted, and this clever merging of reality and fiction allows the audience to be fully entranced by the new world and the emotional yet inspiring story it reveals.

The movie will appeal to both females and males alike, as the story is based on romance on two levels; love for another being and love for an environment, and has all the action and suspense that is required to balance off the love scenes.

As a member of the audience, the extension of the beautiful energy between the beings and their environment - the "oneness" that humans invariably seek - from the movie is inspiring, uplifting and leaves you with a sense of wonder, enlightenment, unconditional love and unfound beauty.

Source: Avatar Movie Website

Avatar Movie

Boil water while outdoors with solar energy

A solar water pasteurizer and storage device called the Solar Kettle-Thermos Flask (SK-TF) has been developed by Alex Kee of Malaysia.

Its primary component is a solar vacuum glass or evacuation tube (made of borosilicate glass / Pyrex) with:

  • An outer-most glass layer that is transparent, allowing sunlight to pass through.
  • An inner-most glass layer that has a dark external coating, absorbing the solar infra-red energy from the sun and heating up respectively.
  • Air that has been removed ("evacuated") from between the layers, creating an insulating vacuum.
The solar vacuum glass tube collector is more than 70% efficient in converting solar infra-red energy into thermal energy, and can boil 2 litres of water within 2 hours. The solar thermal energy generated by the solar kettle / flask sterilizes and kills most (if not all) water borne pathogens, making it potable and safe for drinking through the solar water pasteurization or boiling processes.

The vacuum insulation is so efficient that overnight, the thermal loss is less than 5 degrees C, providing hot water in the morning even before the sun is up, a critical feature inherently deficient in most solar energy devices.

Source: Solar Cooking

Solar Kettle

Ganics Organics Products extends itself

Ganics, a local supplier of organic fruit and vegetables, is now licensed and sells organic wine. They have started with a small selection of the best organic wine available and their selection ranges from a house wine from Mountain oaks, and other wines from Avondale, Reyneke Organic and Upland Organic Estate. Upland also offer and excellent Brandy and even an Italian style Grappa.

They have also linked up with their neighbouring deli called Quensh Organic Deli, where all food served is (obviously) also fully organic.

Quensh have recently added to their selection of delicious foods a variety of breads. They bake their bread the traditional way with lots of love and attention and use only organic or natural stone milled flour and no additives or improvers of any kind.

They offer 90% Rye Sourdough (yeast free), made from certified organic rye flower, San Franciscan Style Sourdough, Ciabatta, Olive Ciabata, Foccacia, Potato Sourdough, Rye & Potato Sourdough and have also added whole flour, seed loaf and (what they claim are) the best croissants in Cape Town.

Its name sounds mysterious and inviting

Should you be a traveller that enjoys the trees, the greenery and the birds twittering away throughout the day in the Knysna and the Wilderness areas, then Moonshine on Whiskey Creek is just the place to relax with your partner and/or family.

Just 14km's from Plettenberg Bay and 17km's from Nature's Valley Beach, Moonshine on Whiskey Creek is conveniently located for any traveller experiencing the indigenous forests, the beautiful beaches and the many sporting activities that this area has to offer.

The elevated self catering forest cabins (appropriately named Firefly, Vervet or Tree frog cabins) or garden cottage (Butterfly cottage) each have its own braai area, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower, toilet and basin and a balcony overlooking the forest below.

The location and the forest cabins themselves follows aptly through on the tranquility, romance and enchantment that the name "Moonshine on Whiskey Creek" portrays.

For more information visit Moonshine on Whiskey Creeks Website

Moonshine on Whiskey Creek

Hot News

Welcome to 2010

This year has loads of promise, Morgan Stanley's CIO Confidence Index conducted in November 2009, shows an average of 7.6 investor confidence overall for 2010.

Corporates are bullish (positive) in their expectations for 2010, and so is Living Matter, who will be stepping up to kickoff many new exciting and challenging projects, both in the landscape design realm and in this monthly newsletter.

Next training courses

Living Matter will be providing a 3 day training course on the basics of garden design between 15 - 17 February 2010. Sign up now to ensure your place is booked.

The course is aimed at individuals who would like to get to understand the basics of designing a garden for themselves and to enable them to apply their skills and knowledge to their exterior living space at home.

Course Outline:

  • Basic principles of design
  • Analysis of space
  • Hardscape, softscape, aesthetics
  • Design themes
  • Application of above
  • Plants, soil, fertilising

    Visit our website for more information.


    Stoebe Rosea

    Stoebe Rosea

    Family :


    Description :

    Indigenous much-branched, densely leafy shrub up to 0.5 m tall with small groups of pink flowers.

    Flowering time :


    Conditions :

    • Full sun
    • Little water
    • Evergreen
    • Frost tender
    • Wind resistant

    Brain Teaser

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    Brain Teaser
    December's Teaser Answer :
    "One in a million"

    Win by filling in and updating your profile. Closing date 31 January 2010.


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