Vinyl art for your walls

    Tired of the same old options for decorating your walls in your home or office? Well, this new rage of art in the form of wall letters, sticky art and decorative patterns will definitely get your creative juices flowing. Vinyl wall art has grown in popularity for both residential and commercial interiors, and is today a design tool of choice for interior designers, architects and other artists.

These highly-stylized, oversized, self-adhesive, removable decals allow anyone to quickly and easily create decorative patterns or custom wall murals for any room needing a bit of zest or individuality, promising to bring life, love and joy to ordinary walls and make everyone smile!

  • Anyone is commitment-phobic will love this easy, changeable way of decorating any of the rooms in their home.
  • The typical teenager will love the flexibility and creativity that this art form provides when creating their personalised space in the house.
  • The playful aspect of the artwork is perfect for a young child's bedroom.
  • Design studios can funky up their office space with geometric shapes of bright colours.
  • For the more feminine touch, add an inspirational sentence to a special place.

Vinyl wall art offers a wide range of finishes and colors with enhanced durability. Not only do they stick to the walls (with easy removing), but they also stick to glass windows or shower doors.

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Word Art

Night sky tidbits - Satellite Communication

Continuing from June's Newsletter...

Satellite Orbit :

The satellite is located about 36000 km above the earth's surface in Geostationary / Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO). It follows the equator line and moves around the Earth at the same angular speed that the Earth rotates on its axis. The satellite and the Earth move together so a GEO satellite appears as a fixed point in the sky from the Earth.

Advantages :

No tracking is required from the ground station since the satellite appears at a fixed position in the sky. The satellite can also provide continuous operation in the area of visibility of the satellite. Many communications satellites travel in geostationary orbits, including those that relay TV signals into our homes.

Disadvantages :

Due to their distance from Earth there is a signal delay of 0.24 seconds for the complete send and receive path and can be a problem with telephony or data transmission. Also, due to their position above the equator, the angle of elevation decreases as the latitude or longitude difference increases between the satellite and earth station. Low elevation angles can be a particular problem to mobile communications.

Source: Wikipedia

Night Skies

Is vinyl an environmentally friendly choice?

With the inclusion of the above article in this newsletter, I delved a little further into vinyl itself and the environmental impact of vinyl items.

Vinyl is composed of two simple building blocks: chlorine, based on common salt, and ethylene, from natural gas. With the addition of further chemistry, vinyl can be made flexible, rigid or semi-liquid; clear or colorful; thick or thin - making it the world's most versatile plastic material.

Vinyl resin can be used in a rigid state to make PVC pipe or in a flexible format to produce blood bags, IV bags and medical tubing. With its fire resistant nature, vinyl can be used to produce jackets, insulation or conduits for electrical wires and cables.

Much has been written and debated about the effects of vinyl on the environment - including issues such as indoor air quality, product safety, emissions during production, recycling and disposal.

To this day extensive testing by international industry and government sources, advanced manufacturing and recycling processes, as well as the chemistry behind the product, all make a strong case for vinyl as an environmentally smarter material choice.

They say that these materials emit lower levels of volatile organic compound (VOCs) and they take less energy to produce than many competing products, and 20 percent less than other plastics. Vinyl also saves fossil fuels as its principal raw material (nearly 60 percent) is from salt, and at the same time these materials also offer durability, longevity and is recyclable.

For more information on Vinyl visit The Vinyl Institute or Green Guard Environmental Institute


A warm cozy weekend surrounded by Fynbos

Many of us who have driven on the N1 past Worcestor have seen the stone formation on the mountain spelling out Goudini Spa. Myself and a couple of friends explored the resort on a motorbike photographic shoot weekend.

Unfortunately, we had the misfortune of arriving at the spa on the first weekend of the school holidays. Not a good idea if peace and relaxation is first on the menu, however, if supertubes, local music shows and karaoke are items on the top of your childrens' holiday menu, then by all means book into the small rondavels at the lower end of the resort.

If you and your partner are looking for a little peace way out of town, then booking into one of the Slanghoek Villa chalets during the week, or out of holiday season is a definite must. The self catering chalets are newly built and are located on the top of the hill, quite a distance from the commercial aspect of the spa facility. The chalets are evenly spaced, rooms are simply decorated and the views from the chalets are fantastic, even at night.

The resort runs a golf cart pickup from the chalets which enables easy access to the spa facility for massages, treatments and hot pools. Visit Goudini Spa Website for more information on their facilities, activities and accommodation.

Goudini Spa Photos: i-shoot photography

Hot News

Garden Design Course

Living Matter will be providing a 3 day training course on the basics of garden design at the end of September 2009. Sign up now to ensure your place is booked.

The course is aimed at individuals who would like to get to understand the basics of designing a garden for themselves and to enable them to apply their skills and knowledge to their exterior living space at home.

Course Outline:

  • Basic principles of design
  • Analysis of space
  • Hardscape, softscape, aesthetics
  • Design themes
  • Application of above
  • Plants, soil, fertilising

    Visit our website for more information on this course.

    Paarman Landscapes
    gets another SALI Award!

    Paarman Landscapes, one of our preferred implementation suppliers since 2006 has just been awarded a Silver Award of Excellence by SALI (South African Landscape Institute).

    This is not the first award that they have received - they were awarded with a Gold Award of Excellence by SALI for the installation of a garden in central Stellenbosch last year and were also a Top 5 Finalist in Top Billings Momentum Life Awards in 2006.

    SALI Gold Award 2008

    Paarman Landscapes Gold Award

    SALI Silver Award 2009

    Paarman Landscapes Silver Award

    Contact Clayton Laue on 0861PAARMAN for an appointment or visit their website for more information.


    Leucodendron Strobilinum

    Leucodendron Strobilinum
    (Peninsula Cone Bush)

    Family :


    Description :

    Indigenous indigenous shrub to 2.6m, with Ivory white to lime yellow hairy bracts in the shape of a flower.

    Flowering time :


    Conditions :

    • Full sun
    • Average water
    • Evergreen
    • Frost and wind resistant

    Brain Teaser

    We all love a chance to test our own brain capacity with brain teasers. Try see if you can figure out this one...

    Brain Teaser
    June's Teaser Answer :


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