Decorex 2009

    The annual exhibition showcased (as per usual) an insurmountable variety of products for home decor. Products ranging from designer furniture, flooring, decor items, kitchen and bathroom, lighting, entertainment, fabrics, art and, of course, gardening, provide an overflow of potential ideas and/or sources for uplifting or decorating our homes.

We are pleased to see that 5 of our preferred suppliers had exhibition stands at Decorex 2009: Deckscapes, Paarman Landscapes, Divali Natural lighting, Classic Stone and Revelstone.

Some of the other interesting exhibitors included Gin and Chocolate Design with their unique printed vinyl artworks and wallpaper, GlassTile using their tiles creatively in an art form, and Pepper Plum Designs with their unusual and innovative designs for corporate gifts, promotional items and packaging ideas.

Decorex 2009

Night sky tidbits - Orbits

Continuing from April's Newsletter...

Satellites can be placed in Geocentric orbits (orbits around the planet earth) at various altitudes above the earths' surface, and the altitude of the orbit of a specific satellite is dictated by its respective function.

Name Altitude Satelite function
(Low Earth Orbit)
Between 160 and 2 000 kms above the earths' surface Communication
(Medium Earth Orbit)
Between 2 000 and 35 786 kms above the earths' surface Navigation
(High Earth Orbit)
About 36 000 km above the earths' surface Communication

Interesting Fact:
All human spaceflights have been in LEO, including all Space Shuttle and space station missions. The altitude record for a human spaceflight in LEO was Gemini 11 with an apogee of 1,374.1 km

Source: Wikipedia

Night Skies

The first in electric vehicles in South Africa

Electrical vehicles are quickly becoming the norm in Great Britain and Europe, with tax incentives for the purchasing of green vehicles being granted by the governments of these countries.

Well now, South Africans can, within a short period of time, be proud owners of electrical vehicles. Optimal Energy, a privately owned South African company based in Cape Town, focusing on specialising in and delivering class leading solutions for urban transport will be launching Joule in late 2010. Joule is South Africa's first urban based vehicle that uses clean, renewable energy.

The silent passenger MPV is manufactured as a standard six-seater offering an optimal, no-compromise, and zero emission urban driving experience with a minimal environmental footprint. It is as beautiful and elegant as it is stylish and has a classically timeless appeal.

Specifications :

  • Maximum 400km Range
  • Regenerative ABS Braking system
  • Steel space frame and side impact protection
  • Two dynamic drive train options
  • Excellent vehicle handling and dynamics
  • Sports-like acceleration from standstill
  • Optimal interior space with minimal exterior footprint

Visit Optimal Energy for more information on Joules


Cathedral Peak

If planning a holiday out of the Western Cape area, a fantastic place to keep in mind is the Drakensberg mountain range. The expanse of this mountain range provides a variety of places to choose between for differing personal requirements of facilities, services and budget.

Cathedral Peak, in the area closest to Bergville and Winterton, has a wonderful portfolio of locations to stay, places to see and things to do. From a rustic old campsite at Mikes Pass, to secure camping at Cathedral Peak campsite, to exclusive chalets at Didima Camp or hotel-like accommodation at Cathedral Peak Hotel, your choice of where to stay is vast and ideal for any type of traveller.

Day hikes to waterfalls in gorges, 2 day hikes over mountains and through rivers while overnighting under a rock overhang or in a cave, and/or 5 day hikes from one peak of the mountain range to another are definitely the popular activities in this area.

Over 30 000 individually painted rock art images have been discovered and recorded in 520 different rock shelters (some of these rock shelters have more than 1000 paintings in them). Guided tours can be arranged to see a select few of these amazing art galleries of the San hunter-gatherers.

The panoramic views from the top of the mountain range (without any modern structure in sight) is breathtaking and inspiring at least. Colours of the rock vary within a short walking distance and the shades of the grasslands change as the sun moves overhead.

The absence of the sound of man and his machinery is almost unnatural, and the swishing of the grasses and the screeching of the eagle sound unfamiliar in the ancient world of the untouched wild.

Visit Ezemvelo KZN wildlife website for more information on this beautiful vista of untouched nature.

Cathedral Peak Photos: i-shoot photography

Hot News

Exciting New Landscape Design !

Living Matter has just been appointed to creatively upgrade the existing children's play area of the Farm Village in Noordhoek.

Noordhoek Farm Village

View Noordhoek Farm Village's website for more information on the village itself.

A+ Renovations

A+ Renovations (one of our preferred partners) are currently finishing off a property that they have renovated completely over the past few months.

Their skills and expertise range from building, waterproofing, and plastering to electrical, plumbing, tiling and fittings.

Quality work, personal supervision, attention to detail, enthusiasm and dedication are just a few of the fantastic attributes that you would experience when working with A+ Renovations.

Before :

A+ Renovations Before
After :

A+ Renovations After

Call Alex (082 650 9822) or Angelo (074 100 4455)


Leonotis Leonurus

Leonotis Leonurus
(Wild Dagga)

Family : Lamiaceae

Description : Indigenous roughly haired shrub to 2m with strongly aromatic, narrow lance-shaped, toothed leaves with whirls of velvety orange flowers.

Flowering time : Autumn

Conditions :

  • Sun
  • Average water
  • Fast growing
  • Drought, frost and wind resistant

Brain Teaser

We all love a chance to test our own brain capacity with brain teasers. Try see if you can figure out this one... Brain Teaser Aprils Teaser Answer :
"Just between you and me"


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