Pelargonium Cucullatum (Wilde-Malva)


Plant Type : Sub Shrub
Height : Up to 1 m
Evergreen : Evergreen
Indigenous : Indigenous


Position : Full Sun
Moisture : Average water
Soil : Light Soil
Wind : Wind Resistant
Frost : Some Frost


Type : Furry Leaves
Colour : Light Green
Use : Medicinal
Other : Fragrant


Type : Small Flowers
Time : Spring / Summer
Colour : Pink
Use :
Other :


Fruit : Unspecified
Colour :


The rose-scented pelargonium is cultivated for its oil of geranium. The sweetly scented leaves are a wonderful skin softener. The leaves can be rubbed into the hands to soothe calluses and scratches, into heels to soften horny, cracked skin and can be tied to a piece of muslin and used in the bath as a skin and wash treatment which also soothes rashes. A tea made from leaves was an old remedy used by people from the Cape to treat kidney and bladder ailments, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and flatulence.

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