Companion Planting

Companion planting is a bit more than just the general notion that some specific plants can benefit others if they are planted close to each other. It has been defined as planting two or more crop species together to achieve benefits such as higher yields and pest control.

It allows you to grow herbs, veggies and exotic crops to their full potential. The process also helps to keep insects away, as well as helping you to maintain healthy soil.

Fruits Friends Foes
Apricot Chives, garlic, leeks, nasturtium, and daffodils Peppers and chillis
Aubergines / EggPlant Potatoes Peppers, figs, kiwi, pomegranate
Blackberries Strawberries, grapes, pine trees, oak trees, yarrow and dewberries Tomatoes
Citrus Fruits Yarrow, dill, fennel, nasturtium, lemon balm Maize, cowpea, sorghum and sweet potatoes
Cucumber Beans and peas, sunflower, nasturtium Potatoes and aromatic herbs
Figs Lemon balm, dandelions, borage, mustards, marigold Eggplants
Gooseberries Yarrow, pine and oak trees Tomatoes
Grapes Chives, geraniums, mustards, oregano, peas, clover and blackberries Cabbage, radishes and potatoes
Grapefruit Thyme, yarrow, companion dill, borage, calendula and cosmos Cabbages and spinach
Kiwi Carrots, swiss chard, spinach Eggplants
Melon Pigweed, chamomile, summer savoury, sow thistle Peas and beans
Olives Thyme, borage, calendula, wormwood All plants with small leaves as they do not provide a good shade
Passion Fruit Strawberries
Peach Basil, tansy, southernwood Corn, cowpeas, sweet potatoes
Pineapples Clover, chives, garlic, southernwood, daffodils Walnut trees and eucalyptus
Pomegranate Basil, thyme, summer savoury Eggplants
Raspberries Tansy Peas, beans and other nitrogenous plants
Strawberries Bush beans, lettuce, onions, passion fruits, blackberries and spinach All members of the cabbage family, brocolli
Tomatoes Cabbage, broccoli, roses, asparagus, aubergines, nasturtium Peppers and chillis, beets, brassicas, rosemary, blackberries, gooseberries, sweetcorn

Vegetables Friends Foes
Artichoke Beans and peas
Asparagus Onion, potatoes and garlic
Beetroot Runner or pole beans
Broadbeans Cucumber, nasturtium, raspberries, squash Fennel, melon, soybeans and dry beans, brocolli artichoke
Brocolli and Calabrese Tomatoes, nasturtium Peppers, beans, strawberries
Brussel Sprouts Mustards, nightshades
Cabbage Tomatoes Grapes, grapefruit
Carrots Kiwi Dill, parsnip and radish
Cauliflower Dill, parsnip and radishes
Celeriac Aster flowers and corn
Celery Cabbage Sweetcorn, Shallots, Lettuce, Beans
Courgette Corn and aster flowers
French beans Cucumber, nasturtium, raspberries, squash Fennel, soybeans, melon, artichoke, brocolli
Kale Peppers
Kohlrabi Pole beans
Leeks Apricot Swiss chard
Lettuce Strawberries Cabbage, celery, parsley
Maize Squash Citrus Fruits, peach
Mushrooms All plants with small leaves as they do not provide good shade
Onion Strawberries Peas, asparagus and lentils
Pak Choi Peas
Parsnip Lettuce, cauliflower, onions, carrots
Peas and Mange Tout Cucumber, grapes, raspberries Pak Choi, onions, peppers, melon, peach
Potatoes Aubergines Carrot, cucumber, asparagus, pumpkin, grapes, squash
Radish Grapes, cauliflower, carrots
Runner Beans Cucumber, nasturtium, raspberries, squash Celery, grapes, melon, beetroot, artichoke
Shallots Grapes, celery, peppers
Spinach and Swiss Chard Kiwi, strawberries Leeks, grapefruit and strawberries
Spring Onion Lentils and peas
Squash Corn, beans, okra, sunflower Potatoes
Sweetcorn Squash, pumpkins, pole beans Celery, celeriac, courgette and tomatoes
Sweet potato Cabbage, corn, cauliflower, peach, citrus fruits
Turnip Hedge mustard and knotweed

Herbs & Spices Friends Foes
Basil Tomato, oregano, petunias, grapes, peach, pomegranate, peppers and chillis Thyme, common rue, cucumber
Chamomile Most herbs, cucumber, onion, cabbage, melon Potatoes, cucumber and radish
Chervil Radish, broccoli, lettuce Radish
Peppers and chillis Alliums, basil Apricots, tomatoes, aubergines, brocolli, kale, black walnuts
Chives Roses, apples, carrots, apricot, pineapples and grapes Beans, cucumber and peas
Coffee plant Potatoes, kale, beans Pumpkins, carrots and cucumbers
Comfrey Nutrient accumulators or mulch Walnut and eucalyptus trees
Cumin Cucumbers, potatoes, cabbages Peas and beans
Curry leaves Tomatoes, onions and garlic Eggplants
Coriander Chervil, anise, cabbages and carrots Dill, cucumber
Dill Coriander, cabbages, carrots and anise, grapefruit, citrus fruits Carrots, cauliflower, cilantro or coriander
Fennel Citrus fruits Cucumber, french beans, broadbeans
Ginger Spinach, carrots, eggplants Walnut trees
Garlic Apricot, Pineapples Asparagus
Lavender Lettuce, onions, tomatoes, oregano, sage, rosemary, basil, lemon, Pelargonium Common rue and thyme
Lemon balm Eggplant, figs, citrus fruits Mustards, cucumber and mints
Lemongrass Peppers and tomatoes Plants that consume a lot of water, such as the eucalyptus
Mint Eggplant, lettuce, peas, broccolli Lavender, cucumber, dill, cilantro
Mustard Carrots, corn, cucumbers, figs, grapes Lemon balm, cabbages, brussel sprouts and grapes
Mizuna and Mibuna Beetroot and beans Thyme and common rue
Oregano Peppers, pumpkin, grapes Radish, potatoes, cucumber, common rue, thyme
Parsley Apple, asparagus, corn, tomatoes Common rue and thyme
Rosemary Carrots brassicas, peas and beans, cucumber
Saffron Sea holly, lanceolate leaves and Chinese chives Plants belonging to the allium family
Sage Rosemary, cabbages, beans Any member of the allium family
Sorrel Strawberries, cabbage and tomatoes Alliums and lettuce
Tarragon Eggplants and most vegetables Common rue, cucumber and members of the allium family
Tea Beans, potatoes and peas Walnut trees and other water-consuming plants
Thyme Cabbage, potato, strawberries, grapefruit, olives, pomegranate and Brussels sprouts Common rue, cucumber and allium family crops
Vanilla Banana plants and arrowroots (plants that can provide good shade) Peas and beans
Yarrow Aromatic plants, pelargonium, grapefruit, blackberries, gooseberries, citrus fruits Allium family plants and common rue

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