The client's property is on the side of the mountain in Hout Bay looking west over the harbour.

The area is very natural and so is the reserve in which the property is situated. The client wanted the pool area to blend further with their house and the environment.

The area around the pool was to be enlarged for the kids to play around, but still have the natural contemporary feel to it.

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The pool area did not suit the style of the house. Lines of the paving around the pool were curved and informal, whilst the house lines were linear and geometric.

The paving itself was old and more suitable for a country home rather than a contemporary home.

The infinity flow over aspect of the pool was at the incorrect angle for it to be effective, was more hassle to clean than it was functional and had tiles falling off into the pool.

The area lacked the style and personal taste of the client, the home and the surroundings.

Style Guide

We stylized the area by continuing the use of the materials utilised on the existing home.

Rich coloured wood, neutral paint colours, earthy textures, handrail twirls and structural linear lines were incorporated into the style for this area.

The pool shape, however, was not able to change, and therefore we needed to incorporate the existing shape of the pool into the entire exterior space, and end the area with a focal point.

Very clever use of a focal curve in specific areas tied the linear lines of the house and the curves of the pool together.


To get the perfect shape for the end focal curve of the deck we modelled the area into 3D and placed the proposed design in situ.

This enabled us to provide the client with a realistic picture of what the deck could potentially look like, how it would flow and terminate, and how all the parts could integrate into a symbiotic whole.

As the decking for this project was more complicated than it looks, we also provided the decking contractor with technical specifications with measurements and perspectives to assit them in the quoting and implementation processes.


  • Decking structure
  • Decking floor
  • Electrical cabling
  • Lighting
  • Hand Rail
  • Pots
  • Pot plants
  • Decking - Master Decks
  • Lighting - A+ Renovations
  • Final Photographs - Emielke Photography
  • Designed and Project Managed - Living Matter

  • Project was completed in 1 month

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Smooth lines, quality finishes, magnificent view, tanning in the daylight, sunset lounging on the deck, warm soft night lighting, midnight dips in the pool.

An experience in itself.