The playground had the scope for an even more fun and safer environment for the children to play in, while parents perused the shops at the Farm Village.

However, the area lacked in aesthetics, most of the floor area was sand based, there were no softer plant finishes at ground level and the area was not being optimally utilised.

Our brief was to enhance the existing area by including plants, upgrading the play equipment and making it safer for the children.

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The play equipment was not well spaced or placed for ease of use. Some items were right on top of each other, while others were placed far away from the high activity areas.

The play equipment had railings that were too high and unsafe for toddlers and young children.

The ground around the equipment was too shady and lacking in nutrients for lawn to grow successfully, and therefore was worn and eroded away.

The painted equipment needed a good new layer of paint to make it look as good as new

Style Guide

We wanted to keep the style of the new playground in line with the farm style of the Noordhoek Farm Village, while at the same time incorporating the natural feel of the local area.

Gum poles for robustness for the play equipment and bright colours to activate the childrens senses were perfect choices for this area.

Demarcation of play areas with linear lines were used to ensure maximisation of the perception of space.


The existing playground layout was completely revised. The equipment was repositioned along the outside edges of the playground, enabling line of sight for parents from outside of the play area. This repositioning also enabled a larger space for families to sit on the lawn instead of standing in the middle of all the gyms.

The planting scheme for the playground was designed to be all indigenous and tough enough to withstand accidental trampling by little feet. The wide floor space was broken up into smaller shapes to give the area more interest and thereby dramatically changed the feel of the area.


  • Removing of weeds
  • Leveling ground level
  • Composting and soil preparation
  • Play Equipment refurbishment
  • Play Equipment Installation
  • Groundsheeting
  • Irrigation
  • Planting
  • Landscaping and Irrigation - Noordhoek Farm Village Nursery
  • Hardscaping - De Goede Hoop Property and Development Co
  • Play Equipment - Cape Jungle Kids
  • Ground sheet - Sun Sails
  • Project Managed - GF Projects
  • Designed and overseen - Living Matter

    Project rolled out in one - completed in 3 weeks

    See our Partners page for implementation partner contact details


Clean cut lines, open space, soft planting, light and bright colours.

Natural materials and indigenous plantings.

Playful times, safe times, fun times, full of high jinks or otherwise lazing on a summer afternoon on the lawn watching your children play.