The courtyard had the elements for a vibrant entertainment area for many evenings with friends. However, the lack of aesthetics and a few logistical issues prevented the area from being utilised as such.

Our brief was to enhance the existing area by bringing in a different vibe, making it more in line with the clients' personal tastes and thereby making it a useful aesthetically pleasing living area.

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The courtyard itself was not very private, the surrounding buildings were all higher and overlooked the client's courtyard.

Being in Vredehoek the courtyard was also subjected to the hot sun and the harsh cape winds.

The floor level in the courtyard was too high and had a few drainage issues.

The finishes in this area were old and not up to the same quality and standard of the interior of the house.

Style Guide

We wanted to bring in the earthy rich warm colours from the interior of the house out into the sunshine.

Rich woods similar to the current wooden doors and windows were used to ensure continuity throughout the area

The courtyard was quite small and therefore linear lines were used to ensure maximisation of the perception of space.


The existing 2 corner planter boxes were designed to be incorporated into the whole design rather than being left as separate unconnected entities. The planting scheme for these areas was carefully considered to ensure that this was achieved.

The wide floor space was broken up into smaller shapes to give the area more interest, and the introduction of the rich wood as a raised deck, and an extended garden bed, dramatically changed the feel of the area.

Finishes to the bench area, the outdoor shower and the walls were incorporated to raise the level of quality and style even further.


  • Breaking up existing floor
  • Lowering floor level
  • Drainage lines
  • Re-plumbing of shower
  • Raising back wall level
  • Preparing and painting walls
  • Side screens
  • Decking
  • Bench
  • Electrical and lighting
  • Irrigation
  • Planting
  • Building - A+ Renovations
  • Plumbing & electrical - A+ Renovations
  • Decking - A+ Renovations
  • Landscaping & irrigation - Paarman Landscapes
  • Designed and Project Managed - Living Matter

    Project rolled out in phases - completed in 6 months

    See our Partners page for implementation partner contact details


Clean cut lines, formal shapes, soft planting, ambient mood enhancing lighting.

Warm richness emanating throughout the day and into the night.

Cozy dinner at the table or lounging on a lazy afternoon on cushions on the deck, friends joking and having fun.

Private, intimate and casually uplifting.