What type of business to go into?

By the time Cheral began contemplating starting her own business, the internet and the use of technology in a business was widely accepted. She felt that she would not find the satisfaction selling, making or designing any of it anymore.

Thinking back to what she had already learnt about herself, her past, her jobs, her likes and with the opportunity to do be able to start any business, she decided that working with nature, being outdoors, being creative, but still having a structured environment to work in, were her pleasures. Then she dabbled with the concept of landscaping.

Investigating the opportunity to run a landscaping business, she found that Cape Town was a creative city and people were more focussed on spending time outdoors, enjoying life, and especially nature.

She found that the landscaping industry had reputable large landscaping companies already in operation, and she compared the landscaper to a builder:- just an implementer of a concept. She felt that the implementation of the landscaping projects was not where she wanted to focus her business, and started investigating designing the landscapes instead.

Here she found a true calling. Not only would she have the opportunity to be creative in her landscape designs, but she would also have the structural side of the technical drawings required for hardscaping specifications. A balance between exercising the two hemispheres of the brain was exactly what appealed to her.

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