Living Matter follows a structured process that incorporates the necessary tasks, systems, people and technology, but with the flexibility to reduce or expand specific steps in the process.

Living Matter's full service offerings encompass :

  • Landscape Conceptualisation and Design
  • Hardscaping, Softscaping and Lighting aspects
  • 2D mapping, 3D modeling and Rendering
  • Implementation Planning and Management

Our design and implementation processes are based on an internationally recognised project management process that ensures every aspect of the project is taken into account, regular communication with the client is maintained, all risks are analysed and managed, budgets are adhered to and quality is maintained.

Overview of our process

Living Matter process

As Living Matter is primarily a landscape designer company, we initially provide a fixed quote for the Landscape Design incorporating the first 4 phases of the project ie. site analysis; client requirements gathering; design and planning.

A final costing for the implementation and management of the project is formulated at the end of this design process. This quote is based on costs for the respective materials, transportation costs and labour services provided by specifically selected preferred suppliers for the project, as well as Living Matter's management fees for overseeing the implementation successfully.

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