Living Matter gets involved by educating where possible, advocating and promoting the use of green products, and taking a stand in making a positive difference to our immediate environment.

Living Matter provides training courses to the public, to educate them in designing their own gardens, creating organic gardens, growing plants and much more. Courses change annually, as required or as requested by participants. See which training courses are being offered currently by Living Matter.

Cheral Kennedy, owner of Living Matter feels very strongly about nature, our environment and how we impact on it. She writes regular editorials for various publications, passing on her knowledge and experience on to others.

Cheral also writes and sends out a monthly newsletter called "Living Matters" that gets emailed to a large subscriber base of clients, suppliers, friends, industry contacts and other interested parties. This touches on anything and everything relating to nature and the world we live in.

Websites of interest, green websites and other interesting links are also available here. Should you feel your website is of value or you know of one that is notable, please contact us and make a suggestion.

Living Matter comes across many homeowners who love to get involved in their gardens themselves. So we have selected a few online DIY resources that can be downloaded off the internet for relatively cheap, and are very instructive in showing you how to build your own DIY garden projects.

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