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Living Matter believes that we all, as individuals, should be involved in curbing the collateral damage that is being caused by our lives on earth. It quite easily starts with something as small as using an energy saving light bulb. A small difference, but a difference nonetheless.

As we become more aware of our impact on the immediate space we occupy, we are able to see that slowing down or decreasing our effect on the earth is not enough. More dramatic individual and community based lifestyle changes are required, current paradigms need to shift and further initiative is needed to create and maintain the ideal symbiotic relationship between the human race and its environment. Currently, humans beings are parasites living off the earth, and if not halted, will eventually lead to our own demise. We need to alter this relationship into one of communing and living in harmony with nature.

Cheral Kennedy is experienced and knowledgeable in green matters, industry standards and landscaping issues. She writes regular articles and editorials for magazines, publications (both online and offline) to aid in educating people on how they can make a difference.

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