Process Phases

Our design and implementation process has 6 different phases:

1. Site analysis

Site analysis The client's property will be fully measured up, analysed and plotted to include aspects such as: soil samples taken and analysed, shade / sun areas plotted, frost zones, wind tunnels, slopes measured and contours mapped, drainage, pipes, boundaries, existing vegetation, existing features etc.

People - Site Analysts, Landscape Designer

Systems - Conducted onsite with specialist mapping techniques

Technology - None

2. Client requirements gathering

Client requirements gathering The client's needs, wants and nice-to-have's will be identified and discussed in the initial on site client meeting. Functionality, practicality, aesthetic value and personal style will be primarily focussed on.

People - Landscape Designer

Systems - Clients gathering questionnaire, needs analysis and property walkaround

Technology - Database and programming technology

3. Master Plan

Design A creative customised garden design will be drawn digitally to-scale, with the final placement of soft- and hardscaping features. A few adjustments to the proposed design are made on a high level and once this is approved further aspects will be depicted eg: planting schemes showing general plant size, foliage type and colours in an aerial layout view.

People - Landscape Designer Assistant, Landscape Designer, Project Manager

Systems - Ratio testing, Plant templates

Technology - Sketchup, AutoCad, 2D Components, plant database

4. Detailed Design

Planning The approved design will be taken and broken up into smaller elements. Detailing such as electricity cabling, irrigation pipes and plant lists will be finalised in contractor specifications, and materials, labour costs and management fees will then be calculated into a final quote/s. Additionally, should hardscaping be included in the design, various perspectives in 3D will be presented to the client for visualisation.

People - Landscape Designer, Project Manager

Systems - Supplier appointment and Quoting system

Technology - 3D Studio Max, 3D components

5. Implementation

Implementation The site will be prepared by the supplier, measured and marked out by the Landscape Designer. Hardscaping will be installed first, then irrigation and lighting will be laid underground and finally softscaping planted as per the original design and plans.

This part of the process will be planned, organised, coordinated, inspected and managed by Living Matter.

People - Landscape Designer, Project Manager, Preferred suppliers and implementation partners

6. Snag list and testing

All aspects of the garden will be tested over 2 - 3 weeks to ensure full operability. Snagging and follow up inspections with suppliers will be done onsite during this time. Any adjustments to timers, water strength etc will be made during this period.

People - Landscape Designer, Project Manager, Preferred suppliers and implementation partners

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