Living Matter has been in the landscape design industry for over 5 years and thus has a really good understanding of what is available here in South Africa, what the design trends are, what the costs of implementation are, and the environment's limitations and conditions.

Our experience and knowledge ranges vastly from plants to furniture to lighting effects.

We have personal touch with our clients and our suppliers. Our professional attention to detail, creativity and communication skills, makes the process a smooth and easy one for all parties involved.

We have a range of honed skills, that enhance the final product (both design and implementation) to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • We extend our range of design deliverables from hand sketches, to mapping, to wire modelling, to form modelling, to detailed modelling and final renderings.
  • Detailed cross sections, and technical specifications are key to successful implementation.
  • And we also choose collaboratively with yourself, the final choice of fittings, materials, finishes, edgings and aesthetic enhancements.

In utilising Living Matter's design and /or project management services, the benefits to all our clients, our preferred partner benefits, and also the environmental benefits are valuable and numerous.

But if the theory does not convince you, then our portfolio of case studies will.

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