Implementation Partner Benefits

Living Matter is the designer, project manager and design management consultant of the entire project. The overall aesthetic nature of the project is created and managed by Living Matter. The project is efficiently planned, by us, and implemented, by you and other necessary implementation parties.

As the central person managing the entire process, Living Matter ensures the following benefits to you, one of our implementation partners:

Business Benefits

  • Living Matter enhances your business solution. We do not compete with any supplier or implementation company.
  • Referral work is directed to you, our preferred supplier, should the client not appoint any contractor personally.
  • Specific technical specifications and quanities lists provide detailed information for quoting, decreasing the "unforeseen additional extras".
  • The client is fully aware of final deliverables. Smaller design considerations have already been decided during the design process.
  • Your skills and those of your staff are pushed past ordinary boundaries, ensuring that your work is at the forefront of creativity.

Project Benefits

  • A working relationship is created and maintained, ensuring a good understanding of general project requirements, standards of work and, of course, personalities.
  • Detailed specification documents are provided to quote and implement from. Each aspect is dealt with in detail so you know what to quote on, how much is required, and the types of materials needed.
  • You, the implementer need only concentrate on the technical aspects of the job: This IS your core business.
  • As the central person to the project the budget is known to Living Matter. This enables the project scope to be managed into the project budget.
  • Project dependencies are managed effectively ensuring that all necessary preparation tasks have been successfully completed prior to you stepping on site.
  • Any changes from the client are put through a central change control process, thus ensuring budget timelines and scope are effectively managed and communicated to all parties.
  • Any technical changes or issues in implementation are addressed with the central change control person to ensure that aesthetic integrity, cost and client expectations are effectively managed.

Final Delivery Benefits

  • Your work has a professional designers touch to it, ensuring higher standards, client satisfaction and overall appeal to your product.
  • The final overall delivery is of a high standard, ensuring that your hard work and the other implementors work is of the same quality, enhancing each others products into an overall complete landscape.
  • Professional photographs are taken of the final landscape for you to use in your marketing materials and website.

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