Living Matter's Team Members

Living Matter is headed by Cheral Kennedy, a pioneer of transformation in the landscaping industry and a forerunner of contemporary garden design in South Africa. The company has a strong team of designers with specialist skills in illustration, 2D mapping in a CAD environment and 3D modelling and rendering for landscape architecture.

We are a design studio that concerns itself more with our clients' needs, hopes and personal ideals than with any preferences and prejudices of our own. We create landscapes for the people who are going to live with them and in them, day-by-day through the seasons.

We carefully select enthusiastic and dedicated team members. We have separate responsibilities based on the phase of the process that the team member is involved in. This is specific to the type of activities, thought processes and skill types required to do that job:

Site analyst

The Site Analyst is responsible for accurately mapping out the client's existing property, including softscaping and hardscaping aspects. This person draws up the site plan in a CAD environment and models the existing property in 3D where necessary. This person is of technical nature and accuracy for data, space and detail is important.

Landscape Designer Assistant

The Landscape Designer Assistant is responsible for taking the design ideas from the Landscape Designer and modelling them in their bare essential requirements into 3D. This person role is translator between design creativity and technical mapping. Overlapping with this job responsibility is assisting the site analyst with the mapping out of the client's property.

Landscape Designer

The Landscape Designer is responsible for listening to the clients needs, wants and desires, and conceptualising them into reality. This includes merging the concepts and the existing site plan into a creative design. Unique aspect design and creativity is key to this persons role in the business. Overlapping with this job responsibility is assisting the Landscape Designer Assistant with modelling of the landscape or design components.

Project Manager

The Project Manager is fully responsible for taking the conceptualised design and planning the implementation. This extends from contracting in suppliers for the quoting process, as well as managing the process of implementation until completion. Overlapping with this job responsibility is assisting the Landscape Designer with ensuring the design is feasible in terms of budget and timelines and value for money.

Finance Assistant

The Finance Assistant is responsible for collating and managing the expenses of the business, the invoices and the receipts of payments to and from clients.

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