The owner of Living Matter

In early 2003 at the age of 27, Cheral Kennedy came to the realisation that all of her ambitious professional goals had been attained during her high flying corporate career. All except one - starting and running her own business.

Coupled with the thought that had been sitting in the forefront of her mind since she was 21 of whether her work was self fulfilling and soul satisfying or not, she came to the realisation that she was facing a major crossroad in her life.

During a 6 month period of self reflection and meditation, while trying to identify what business she should venture into, she found herself asking some personal questions??

Who am I and what am I made up of?

What do I enjoy?

With the decision to work with nature made, she went further to determine how and where she could use her previous work experience to create a legitimate business.

What skills do I have?

and in doing so started a journey of discovery and creation.

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