Client Benefits

Landscape Design Benefits

Living Matter, as your personal landscape designer and consultant, takes care in identifying your personal requirements and preferences for your landscape. We cleverly conceptualise, and clearly present to you the ideal potential landscape, customised and creatively designed for you.

Benefits to you, our Client:

  • We are out-the-box thinkers and trend setters. Your landscaped area will be unique, creative and especially for you.
  • Our designs are not limited to specific styles, or tried and tested products in the market, or what you, the client, can conceive. We are limitless in our designs concepts.
  • Being of intellectual and intuitive nature, we ensure that the final design is what you want and need, encompassing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects.
  • We incorporate you, furthermore, into our design process, thereby ensuring 100% comfortability with the proposed design prior to any implementation commencing.
  • We are central to the entire process, therefore ensuring your requirements are met throughout the entire project.
  • Most of our work is sourced through referrals. In terms of our output, style, ethics and professionalism, this speaks for itself.

Implementation Project Management Benefits

Living Matter, as your project manager and design management consultant, efficiently plans and implements your project, incorporating the necessary parties in the process. It is centrally managed from start to end by Living Matter.

Benefits to you, our Client:

  • We ensure that the design is implemented as approved right through to implementation completion.
  • We are central to the entire process, therefore ensuring your requirements are met throughout the entire project.
  • The final design plan is held by one central person and decisions are made by that person, with design integrity and aesthetics in mind.
  • Any changes from yourself are put through a change management control process that identifies the associated dependencies, the cost implication of these changes, and any necessary design changes that need to be made.
  • Any minor changes that need to be made onsite are also put through the change control process on Living Matter's side, ensuring that you don't get smothered in technical detail.
  • Any major adjustments that need to be made on site are kept in alignment with the original design concept, and should they affect the budget or timelines, you will be advised so as to make an informed decision on any adjustments required.
  • We choose to work with the same teams of implementation partners on many different projects, and thus have great working relationships with our implementation partners.
  • We are flexible in the implementation process, to work effectively with your implementation partners, should you choose to appoint them.

Financial Benefits

As the central person managing the entire process, Living Matter ensures the following benefits to you, our Client:

  • The full project budget is known to Living Matter. This enables the project scope to be managed into the project budget.
  • The budget is agreed upon, formal quotes are obtained off specific technical specifications and quanities lists, thus decreasing "additional extras" usually billed at the end of the project by suppliers.
  • Any changes during any time of the process will affect the budget. This change control during the design or the implementation is carefully managed and communicated to all necessary parties.
  • All suppliers work from specific specifications and are effectively managed by Living Matter every step of their implementaton process. No surprises!

Investment Benefits

As the property prices dip and rise, property owners need to find ways in which to make their property more appealing. These are the benefits to you as a property owner:

  • A creatively designed and well-looked after landscape will be more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Upgrading your landscape adds value to your property.
  • Rule of thumb states that the landscaping bill should be between 7 to 25% of the value of the property (depending on your property's location), in order for it to add a significant value to the property.
  • Property agents say that for every R 100 000 spent on your landscape you could earn back an extra R 400 000 on the property value when selling.
  • As the landscape grows, the value of the property also increases. Larger plants are more valuable. Trees are priceless.

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