Advertising Opportunities

We have a few advertising / brand exposure options available for like minded nature enthusiasts and service providers:

1. Website link exchange - Free

We will include a link to your website from our website links page, and you add a reciprocal link onto your website linking back to ours.

2. Newsletter - Advice tip - R100 per tip

To provide our subscriber base with pertinent, relevant and applicable information, you could supply us with a seasonal DIY or maintenance and care tip for your product (50 - 120 words) that would be incorporated with our tips in our newsletter at the start of each new season.

3. Newsletter - Small Text Advert - R500 per advert

We will allocate a small area in the right hand column of our newsletter that brings attention to your company, its services, a specific product or even a special you are advertising. We limit the advert exposure to once every 3 months, so as to provide a variety of options to our subscriber base and to not oversell one company or product.

4. Newsletter - Featured article - R2500 per article

We could write an article about your company, services or product and include it in the featured article section (left section) of our newsletter and provide a link to your company's website either in the article or as a reference for more information.

5. Product catalogue - % discount

Include your product/s in our database of products available to our clients and suppliers. Any orders processed through or as a result of us, will be discounted to us as sales commission. Discount % are negotiable for each supplier.

Please note: We are currently populating our product database with our suppliers' products and as a result of photographing and including them into the database, this facility is not live as yet.

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