Nylandtia Spinosa (Tortoise Berry)


Plant Type : Shrub
Height : Up to 1 m
Evergreen : Deciduous
Indigenous : Indigenous


Position : Full Sun
Moisture : Average water
Soil : Sandy Soil
Wind : Wind Resistant
Frost : Frost Resistant


Type : Needle-like Leaves
Colour : Green
Use : Medicinal
Other :


Type : Small Flowers
Time : Autumn - Spring
Colour : Pink
Use : Decorative
Other :


Fruit : Fruit
Colour : Red


Chewing on small amounts of fermented leaves can help with sleeplessness. A tea/infusion brewed from stems and leaves are used to assist with abdominal pain and tuberculosis, as well as a general tonic or bitter digestive. It is a remedy for treating colds, flu and bronchitis when brewed with Lebeckia multiflora. The Tswana people use the root in a preparation for the treatment of malaria. The fruits are rich in Vitamin C and are quite thirst-quenching.

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