The brief was to improve upon the value of the property, by enhancing the entertainment area and by adding in a pool and plants.

The property had many issues: drainage, privacy, wind and soil type to name a few.

The exterior living space also had to be low maintenance as the client was residing overseas and wanted to potentially rent the property out as a holiday home when not in use.



Grass grass and more grass....and a really ugly patio. This property suffered from a lack of personality. It was the run-of-the-mill secure complex house, with a minimal garden of grass.

The ratios of the patio-to-garden were incorrect for the shape and size of the house, and the boundary walls were too low creating a lack of privacy and wind channels.

Drainage on the patio was a major concern. The drainpipes terminated onto the tiles and there was no offlow mechanism to take the water off the patio and out of the garden.

Style Guide

We created a stylised garden appropriate to the location and the house architecture.

Natural materials of the beach theme were planned into the concept, including shells, pebbles, bleached wood and pastel colours.

Linear lines and geometrical shapes were conceptualised to create the sense of movement in this small space without making it feel busy.


Geometrical shapes were incorporated with small level differences to enlarge the space.

The ratio of patio, deck, pool and plants were given considerable thought, as these had to be integrated successfully with each other.

Soft hidden lighting was designed into specific spaces, ensuring the soft glow of night time light was not overpowering and rather created a 'glow'.

A pool of reasonable size with a martini seat and an outdoor shower to wash off the salt and sand from a swim in the sea were also included into the design.


Patio break-up

  • Patio floor level drop
  • Drainage lines included in patio
  • Braai refurbishment
  • Decking edging and pool surround
  • Pool excavation and installation
  • Boundary wall height change
  • Painting, plastering
  • Shower base, plumbing and fittings
  • Planting and irrigation
  • Electrical and lighting
  • Pots and decor items
  • Tiling
  • Landscaping - Paarman Landscapes
  • Decking - Deckscapes
  • Pool - Exclusive Pools
  • Bulding, plumbing and electrical - Addition
  • Final Photographs - ishoot photography
  • Designed and Project Managed - Living Matter

  • Project completed in 3 months

    See our Partners page for implementation partner contact details.


A clean contemporary natural feel to a quiet home near the beach.

The sound of waves crashing nearby, the sun setting behind the trees in the garden, a cocktail in the pool while waiting for the food to come off the braai.

Butterflies and birds communing with you in your own private garden.... what more could a person ask for?